About this book

“You will never know what you might find here,” the elder told him, standing regal and imperial over him…

With this blog, I do dub thee an official Academic! This series of Novels has been here, stuck in my head for months and months; closer to a year and a half in fact. The reason I’ve decided to now post it here is simple: having it on my laptop and in my head is simply not enough. I’ve planned out quite a bit and have nothing to show for it. No readership, no fans, no interest…

It is for exactly this reason that I have decided to post it up. I want people to know what I’m doing. I want people to be able to see through the progress. If this never becomes an actual published work, I want people to actually see what happened and why.

Liberduco Academy is a series of novels that are fiction. The story revolves around the students of the aforementioned Academy as they take in their surroundings. Not everything in this world is what it seems, where magic and murder are rife.

With each chapter will come different notes. Most of these notes at first will come with changes that have happened. I implore you to help me improve! Send me in your comments, your criticisms and your knowledge of this industry and this genre; I’d love to hear from you and improve with all appropriate gusto!

I’m sure you may be looking at the address bar and wondering…why is it spelled differently? Well, it turns out I had done a little incorrect research (not really, but I had put a word in the wrong place) and had to correct the name of the school since I hadn’t actually looked at the meaning since I had concocted it. Liberdoceo means “To learn to teach” whereas Liberduco means “To learn to lead”.  The meaning behind each school name gives way to a little bit of information to how the school is run. Interesting, no?

Now, there are many archived chapters on here. I will be updating chapters as I alter them from time to time. Small things, like spelling corrections, name alterings, missing punctuation, etc, will simply be edited. However, large rewrites will be posted as new chapters, and the older version will sit in the archived section ready for you to see the improvements in comparison.

Also, I have now started a Kickstarter Funding! Help me get this published 🙂

One major thing to note is here;

© Daniel Whale and Liberduco Academy:  2013. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used for reviews or advertisements, provided that full and clear credit is given to Daniel Whale and Liberduco Academy with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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